OPTIONALLY,    to prevent the hook rotating loose on the pole take a power drill and 5/32 inch   (4mm drill bit and drill a hole through the depressed dimple in the thread   adapter on the hook, and all the way through the thread of the pole end. Insert   the SS screw and tighten.  (If you desire to use the HC brushes on the same   pole at some later time, however, you will have to remove this screw).   IF USING THE (OPTIONAL) ORANGE THREADING SHUTTLE   To prepare the HC hook to thread a mooring line through a buoy ring or ships   rail, insert the shuttle into the open end of the hook with the green rope knot   facing OUTWARDS at the base end of the hook.    Insert about 3 inches (75mm) of sturdy mooring line through the loop-noose   on the far end of the green “leader” rope provided, and ensure that the other   end of the sturdy mooring line is attached to a cleat on board your boat.    Now you can by a “Click-clack” movement of the hook, thread the green line   through the ring, and use the green leader line to pull the sturdy mooring line   through the ring and back to your hand.  That end of the secure mooring line   in your hand can then also be cleated home on board your boat, so that you   are now securely moored to the buoy (or boats rail, or wharf cleat etc).